Tweaking Service

Our tweaking service takes care of your all small needs.

Are you worried that you do not know anything about HTML but your website needs small changes here and there? For the small changes like changing just the colour of your website’s footer or change an image in the website or change writings of the website Webimpulse provide tweaking services for your WordPress website in exchange of a very small service charge.

We understand, for small changes you do not want to hire a designer or a studio. That is why our tweaking service is perfect for you. You list all the changes you want and we will do it for you in a small hourly rate of £25.

What type of work qualifies as ‘tweak’? Here are few examples however our tweaking services are not limited to these only.

  • Changing colour of some particular area in the website.
  • Update logo, images, or texts
  • Add social media icons
  • Updating contact us email address, phone number etc.
  •  Adding an image slider
  •  Adding a sidebar and
  •   Many others

Our tweaking service is a to-the-point and quick adjustment service. For hiring us please use the button below now.

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